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S-E Bodacious

S-E Bodacious
Foaled May 16, 1993
AMHA #0128240
Deceased November 30, 2011

Bodee was one of our son's show horses. She was a bright Chestnut mare that carries herself very collected in the show ring. She had a terrrific pedigree including Upwey Ben Don (3x), UVM Trophy, UVM Flash, Waseeka's Nocturne, and Norma. She is broke to ride and drive and is used on the ranch during calving season, and moving cattle. She has earned our son numerous 1st places in 4-H, Open, and Morgan shows.

Waseeka's Vanguard
26042 CHNT
Windcrest Music Man
12458 BAY
Waseeka's Nocturne
11181 BAY
Starfire 10170 CHNT
Upwey Benn Quietude 06391 BAY
Windcrest's Delight
07621 CHNT
Upwey ben Don 8843 BAY
Seneca Sweetheart 05525 CHNT
Windcrest Twinklebar
010986 CHNT
Wind-crest Sensation
11295 BAY
Upwey Ben Don 8843 BAY
Seneca Sweetheart 0525 CHNT
Wind-Crest Wunderbar
08291 CHNT
Starfire 10170 CHNT
Upwey Benn Quietude 06391 BAY
Rampart's Jessica
0102543 BAY
WCM Frederick Morgan
20305 BAY
Uvm Flash
12242 BRWN
Upwey Ben Don 8843 BAY
Norma 06098 CHNT
014355 CHNT
Beau Sealect 12719 CHNT BT
Enita 010336 CHNT
Defiant Jewel
076412 BRWN
Uvm Destiny
28716 CHNT BT
Uvm Trophy 20263 CHNT Bt
Uvm Kathy 012431 BAY
Orcland My Darling
021660 BRWN
Waseeka's Skylark 15061 BRWN BT
Orcland Ann Darling 013737 CHNT

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