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Rimlo Black Prince

Rimlo Black Prince
Homozygous Black
Partial left hind coronet white. Rear of right hind coronet
Foaled – July 9,1978
AMHA #70440
Deceased - February 2, 2001

This guy sure made his mark in the Midwest. He has produced 127 registered foals. There are 22 stallions, 72 mares, and 33 geldings. He was trained and shown exclusively by Harlan at Morgan and Open shows, parades, team penning, and other competitions. The crowd could not believe he was a stallion because of his quiet manners. He always presented himself with elegance, style, and poise. Rimlo was shown in Western Pleasure, Trail, and Working Western Classes, where he won many Champion ribbons. He was a very smooth riding horse in all gaits,a trait that he passed on to his offspring. Our daughter, Megan, rode him by herself when she was little because we could TRUST him.

We are fortunate to have 4 of his daughters, 2 grandaughters, and 1 great-grandaughter in our broodmare band. We are lucky to have this many, as someone always managed to talk Harvey out of them.

We have shown his offspring RG Bo Bonanza one year at the Morgan Grand National Show in Oklahoma City, OK. We had a goal of making the cut to show in the finals in Double Jeopardy, which we ended up with Reserve Champion. So then our next goal was to place in every class-which we did. We even ended up with a 6th place Hi-Point Carriage Horse and we did not even compete in the classes held the first day. He also sired some other horses who have competed and won in the US and Canada in Combined Driving events, and other driving shows. We regretfully had to retire him from the show ring and ranch work, which he loved, due to a bowed tendon.

He was a true ambassador of the Morgan Breed and the Grunden Ranch Morgans breeding program.

Some of his accomplishments include:

1981 - Nebraska State Fair Reserve High Point Champion
1983 - Nebraska State Fair Western Pleasure Champion
1983 - Nebraska State Fair High Point Champion
1984 - Wyoming State Fair Reserve Champion Stallion
1985 - Nebraska State Fair Reserve High Point Champion
1985 - Nebraska State Fair Western Pleasure Champion
1986 - Wyoming State Fair Reserve Champion Stallion

Rimlo Black Dandy
25366 BLK BT
Black Jig
9472 BLK
7526 BLK
Go Hawk 7457 BLK
Florette 4233 CHNT
Blue Roan Mare
Sentiment 5730
Rimlo Miss Dandy
19540 BAY
Jubilee's Heyboy
15787 BLK BT
Black Jig 9472 BLK
Hillview Jubilee 12050 BLK
Pendleton De Etta
14854 CHNT
Rosefield 8568
Detta 7015
LOM Sally
Orcland Bo Don
15335 BLK BT
7831 BRWN
Ulysses 7565 BRWN
Allenda 04393 CHNT
Bonnie of Hillstone
10226 BRWN
Townsend John 8700
Shenandoah Sue 05573
8903 BLK BT
10458 CHNT
Joe Lewis 9887
Du Noir Strip 7364
Smokie Brown
7711 BRWN
Warhawk 8605
Smokie 7369

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