Grunden Ranch Morgans

RG Rimlo Prince Valiant

RG Rimlo Prince Valiant
15 hands
Homozoygous Black
White right hind coronet
Foaled – April 2, 2001
AMHA #1554606

Stud Fee - $500.00 LFG Cool & Frozen Semen Available

RG Rimlo Prince Valiant is our 'old style type' stallion standing here at Grunden Ranch Morgans. He is HOMOZYGOUS BLACK. His grandsires are Rimlo Black Prince, our past senior stallion, and Rimlo Black Valiant. He was born and raised here on our ranch. As of now, all of his offspring have been black. We have been told by people who have seen Flyhawk, that RG Rimlo Prince Valiant looks and carries himself like Flyhawk.

Black Val's Jim
120495 BLK
Rimlo Black Valiant
16286 CHNT
15787 BLK
Black Jig 9472 BLK
Hillview Jubilee 12050 BLK
Hillview Jubilee
12050 BLK
Fudge Royale 9840 CHNT
Lizza 9318 BLK
Happy Day Kizzy
0101966 BLK
Spring Hills Cupid
71151 BLK BT
Bonnie Lee's Tempest 21482 BAY
Nippi 14059 BLK
Three Buttes Nell
23130 CHNT
Little Joesph 15465 CHNT
Sliver 13196 BAY
RG Orcutt Ambrosia
0110024 BRWN
Rimlo Black Prince
70440 BLK
Rimlo Black Dandy
25366 BLK
Black Jig 9472 BLK
Rimlo Miss Dandy 19540 BAY
Lom Sally
23261 BLK
Orcland Bo-Don 15335 BLK
Cute 8903 BLK
Orcutt Lass
024421 BAY
Orcland Society Man
16485 CHNT
Ulendon 7831 BRWN
Clementina 8049 CHNT
Funquest Leeza
13137 BAY
The Brown Falcon 11180 BRWN
Liza Lee 8627 CHNT

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