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RG Dorothy Yoder

RG Dorothy Yoder
Black, 15.2 hands
Foaled May 14, 1998
AMHA #0145523

WELCOME HOME!! Sometimes things are meant to be. We sold this mare as a weanling and have had several opportunities to buy her back. Finally the timing was right, and she has come home to compliment our breeding program. Her sire is our all time favorite, Rimlo Black Prince, and her dam is a half Funquest heavy Flyhawk bred mare. Dorothy is broke to ride and drive. She is a very gentle, quiet, up-headed mare who has inherited the Flyhawk trot and is bomb proof. These treasured traits are passed on to her foals who are very sought after and are in high demand.

Rimlo Black Prince
70440 BLK
Rimlo Black Dandy
25366 BLK
Black Jig
9472 BLK
Flyhawk 7562 BLK
Blue Roan Mare
Rimlo Miss Dandy
019540 BAY
Jubilee's-Heyboy 15787 BLK
Pendleton De Etta 014854 CHNT
Lom Sally
023261 BLK
Orcland Bo-Don
15335 BLK
Ulendon 7831 BRWN
Bonnie of Hillstone 010226 BRWN
08903 BLK
Ketchum 10458 CHNT
Smokie Brown 07711 BRWN
Caduceus Indrika
0112643 BLK
Wyoming Flyhawk
24795 BLK
Domino Joe
16417 BLK
Stetson 9039 CHNT
Midnite 06401 BLK
Lily Black
09320 BLK
Warhawk 8605 BLK
GeeGee 07368 BAY
Funquest Star Dot
020028 BRWN
Flyhawk's Black Star
10988 BLK
Flyhawk 7526 BLK
Allan's Star 07560 CHNT
Dot S Fanny
09092 BRWN
Leon Silver 10017 CHNT
Dot S Sally 07816 BRWN

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