Grunden Ranch Morgans

H&K Misty's Prince

Black Stallion
No white
Date of Birth - March 1, 2019
AMHA #195550

Call it fate, maybe it was meant to be, or whatever you want… Harlan was at the Superior Morgan Horse Sale and in came a good foundation looking homozygous black stud colt. Harlan liked what he saw and remembering the words of his dad , "always keep your eye open for your next stallion", he made the purchase. Prince is a great-grandson of our original herd sire, Rimlo Black Prince, who appears twice on his pedigree. Windhover Regency graces his pedigree also. Great mares that have made an influence to this cross include RG Black Sentola, Cadueceus Indrika, and RG Grunden's Launa. The original breeding program of the Grunden Ranch goes back SIX generations on this guy's papers…just the lineage that we are breeding here and just a few outcrosses that sure will not hurt anything. His pedigree is packed with all the old time foundation style and type breeding.

Hidden Y's Etirnity
166144 BLK
Bar Nothing Galaxy Prince
155004 BLK
Cadyceys Orpheus
133121 BLK
Black-Ayr's Damsen 96244 BLK
Caduceus Hera 0108678 BLK
Coal Creek Ladey Di
0128581 CHNT
Teton Royal Raven 86284 BLK
CC's Kahlua Princess 31036 CHNT
0134078 BLK
RG Black Airacobra
127629 BLK
Windhover Regency 31036 BLK
RG Black Sentola 0113458 BLCK
Fancy Ginger Spice
0113205 BAY
Rimlo Black Valiant 23109 BLK BT
Otter Brook Fantasy 026034 CHNT
WVS Launa's Star Mist
0174813 BLK
Chandelle High Orion
157535 BLK
Oh Starwatch
123115 BRWN
Van Lu Starbuck 70644 BLK
WBM's Silk'N Satin 086130 BLK
Equinox Magnifikate
01080332 CHNT
Courage of Equinox 23622 CHNT
Equinox Katydid 019637 BAY
RG Grunden's Launa
0138156 BLK
Rimlo Black Prince
70440 BLK
Rimlo Black Dandy 25366 BLK
Lom Sally 023261 BLK
Caduceus Indrika
0112643 BLK
Wyoming Flyhawk 23795 BLK
Funquest Star Dot 020028 BRWN

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