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Hidden Y's Special Flaire

Hidden Y's Special Flaire
15.2½ hands
No white markings
Foaled – February 23, 2006
AMHA #70440

Stud Fee $500.00 LFG
Cool & Frozen Semen Available

It is our privilege to have purchased this outstanding big, black stallion from Enos and Norma Yoder. This heavy-muscled homozygous black stallion stands 15.2½ hands tall barefoot. His 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th generations have our horses in his pedigree. Flaire has twelve crosses back to Flyhawk, the trotting champion. His great- granddam, RG Black Sentola was a phenomenal producing mare.

This shows the confidence that we have in our breeding program. He sires outstanding, upheaded, trotting foals that definitely have his "Special Flaire".

2013 Stallion Presentation at the Buckeye Morgan Horse Sale
The left wheel horse is Hidden Y's Special Flaire

Caduceus Renaissance
141868 BLK
Patchett Hill 26022 BAY Easter Vermont 9804 CHNT Red Vermont 7893 CHNT
Nona 06452 CHNT
Starlette B 017193 BAY Easter Vermont 9804 CHNT
Blossom F 06011 BRWN
Caduceus Exira 094812 BRWN Wyoming Flyhawk 24795 BLK Domino Joe 16417 BLK
Lily Black 09320 BLK
Topside Sable 020252 BRWN Kings-Haven Senator 12693 BAY
Topside Sassafras 012754 CHNT
0134078 BLK
RG Black Airacobra 127629 BLK Windhover Regency 31036 BLK Beamington 16635 BAY
The Black Rose 09721 BLK
RG Black Sentola 0113458 BLCK Teton Shadow Hawk 85526 BLK
RG Lorelei Lee 086295 BAY
Fancy Ginger Spice 0113205 BAY Rimlo Black Valiant 23109 BLK Jubilee's-Heyboy 15787 BLK
Hillview Jubilee 012050 BLK
Otter Brook Fantasy 026034 CHNT Hanover Supercharger 16865 CHNT
Hanover Dream Doll 013089 CHNT

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