Grunden Ranch Morgans

GRM Millary

Homogygous for black
Date of Birth - June 3, 2019
AMHA #197032

We have a both joy and sadness with this mare. Her dam, GRM Absolute Pazazza, had fallen during her pregnancy and broke her pelvis. As we gave her time to heal, she went downhill terribly. A last minute ultrasound confirmed she was still in foal. Overwhelmed with joy, we opened our arms and hearts and welcomed Millary. She is a dark bay just like Pazazza and carries herself with determination to find her spot in our broodmare band.

GRM Black Illusions
183882 BLK
RG Stuart's Monarch
146371 BAY
Funquest Monarch
26785 BAY
Funquest Talstar 18212 BAY
Flyhawk's Fancy 8703 BAY
Tretton Lady Midnight D
120217 BLK
Caduceus Denver 90415 BLK
Lacetbm Midnight 71145
RG Black Sentola
0113458 BLK
Teton Shadow Hawk
Wyoming Flyhawk 24795 BLK
Funquest Rapsody 022414 BRWN
RG Lorelei Lee
Rimlo Black Prince 70440 BLK
RG Classy Bellhawk 22529 CHNT
GRM Absolute Pazazza
0185594 BLK
Crown Enterprise
129571 BAY
Funquest Roadmaster
95383 BAY
Funquest Speedy 19357 BAY
Funquest Rapsody 022414 BRWN
Crown Solitaire
085157 BAY
Funquest Monarch 26785 BAY
Crown Cameo 065781 BAY
Fortunes Cassandra
0140254 BRWN
Funquest Antigo
113323 BAY
Funquest Talstar 18212 BAY
Funquest Dolly Oh 085491 BAY
Funquest Pazazz
022446 BRWN
Funquest Prophet 16499 BAY
Black Patch 09925 BLK

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