Grunden Ranch Morgans

GRM Lady Of The Night

"Lady Of The Night"
Homozygous Black
No white
Date of Birth - May 2, 2017
AMHA #194412

With some help from our Canadian neighbors, we introduced these awesome bloodlines into our herd. After scrutinizing our lineage, we chose GRM Carbon Katie to compliment this mating. The result is a very nice homozygous black mare that will stay in the broodmare band for many years.

LSPR Night Runner
JMF Sir Beam
Whispering High Beam
Beamington 16635 BRWN
Highover Desiree 025231 BLK
W-A-W Coles Coquette
25927 BLK
King Cole 20689 BLK
Triton Flirt 18044 BLK
Beams Breezy
JMF Beams Eclipse
Whispering High Beam 68852 BLK
TS Atlantics Ebony 031624 BLK
JMF Jubilee Classic
Beau Spar 13471 CHNT
Sha-Dows Jubilee 017610 PAL
GRM Carbon Katie
0168023 BLK
RG Rimlo Prince Valiant
154606 BLK
Black Val's Jim
120495 BLK
Rimlo Black Valiant 23109 BLK
Happy Day Kizzy 101966 BLK
RG Orcutt Ambrosia
110024 BRWN
Rimlo Black Prince 70440 BLK
Orcutt Lass 24421 BAY
RG Black Sentola
0113458 BLK
Teton Shadow Hawk
Wyoming Flyhawk 24795 BLK
Maple Hill Ishtar 65582
RG Lorelei Lee
Rimlo Black Prince 70440 BLK
RG Classy Bellhawk 22529 CHNT

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