Grunden Ranch Morgans

GRM Hail To The Chief

Homozygous Black
No white
Date of Birth - May 24, 2021
AMHA # Pending

Take a look at this rugged, but handsome stud prospect. He is homozygous black with no white and has an abundance of muscling. Chief would excel in sport horse, carriage, or western divisions. We can only imagine that his offspring would exceed anyone's expectations and would be highly sought after.

GRM Black Illusions
183882 BLK
RG Stuart's Monarch
146371 BAY
Funquest Monarch
26785 BAY
Funquest Talstar 18212 BAY
Flyhawk's Fancy 8703 BAY
Tretton Lady Midnight D
120217 BLK
Caduceus Denver 90415 BLK
Lacetbm Midnight 71145
RG Black Sentola
0113458 BLK
Teton Shadow Hawk
Wyoming Flyhawk 24795 BLK
Funquest Rapsody 022414 BRWN
RG Lorelei Lee
Rimlo Black Prince 70440 BLK
RG Classy Bellhawk 22529 CHNT
GRM Hail Mary
RG Cafalleros Legacy
158826 BLK
Funquest Cafallero
65935 BRWN
Funquest King Ofancy 16286 CHNT
Flyhawk's Fancy 08703
RG Orccutt Ambrosia
0110024 BRWN
Rimlo Black Prince 70440 BLK
Orcutt Lass 24421 BAY
GRM Francis Mae
0177907 BRWN
RG Stuart's Monarch
146371 BAY
Funquest Monarch 26785 BAY
Tretton Lady Midnight D 0120217 BLK
Arapaho Curlicue
0136330 BAY
Funquest Roadmaster 95383 BAY
Arduns Heatherlee 0191593 BAY

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