Grunden Ranch Morgans

GRM Francis Mae

GRM Francis Mae
"Francis Mae"
Homozygous for Black
No white
Foaled - June 7, 2008
AMHA # 0177907

We have said on several of our mares that this is one of our top producers and yes we will say it again with Francis Mae. Her pedigree contains some of the Who Who's of Funquest Farms stallions. Such greats as Funquest Monarch, Funquest Roadmaster, Funquest Talstar, Funquest Speedy, and Caduceus Denver compliment her pedigree. This homegrown mare is homozygous for black, has typy ears, sparkling gentle eyes, gorgeous head, along with a strong straight top line, complete this package. There is a line to stand in for her foals.

RG Stuart's Monarch
146371 BAY
Funquest Monarch
26785 BAY
Funquest Talstar
18212 BAY
Funquest Falcon 12358 CHNT
Star of Cornwall 010225 BAY
Flyhawk's Fancy
08703 BAY
Flyhawk 7526 BLK
Allan's Fancy L 07224 CHNT
Tretton Lady Midnight D
0120217 BLK
Caduceus Denver
90415 BLK
Wyoming Flyhawk 24795 BLK
Topside Sable 020252 BRWN
Lacetbm Midnight
071145 BLK
Rimlo Black Valiant 23109 BLK
Silky 016711 BLK
Arapaho Curlicue
0136330 BAY
Funquest Roadmaster
95383 BAY
Funquest Speedy
19357 BAY BT
Chief Red Hawk 11365 BAY
Funquest Falconess 013263 BAY
Funquest Rapsody
0 22414 BRWN
Funquest Falcon 12358 CHNT
Star of Cornwall 010225 BAY
Arduns Heatherlee 091593 BAY Gallant Lee
17588 BAY
Bay State Gallant 12392 CHNT
Windcrest Dona Lee 08124 BAY
Oldwick Heather
014665 BRWN
Wind-Crest Abner 12055 BAY
Little Sister 08970 BRWN

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