Grunden Ranch Morgans

GRM Black Satin Doll

GRM Black Satin Doll
"Satin Doll"
Black, 15.1 Hands
No white markings
Foaled August 22, 2007
AMHA #0176225


One look at this mare and you will say WOW! One look at Satin Doll's pedigree and you will say WOW! Satin Doll has Windhover Regency as a grandsire and great grand-sire. Flyhawk graces her papers 10 times. Yes 10 times. No wonder she has the heavy muscled, sweet disposition, true MORGAN look and attitude. She is a definitely a power house and will excel in our herd as a broodmare and saddle horse.

JMF Johnny Who (CN)
146490 BLK
Windhover Regency
31036 BLK
16635 BAY
Mr Breezy Cobra 11162 CHNT
Ellen Bar 7036 BAY
The Black Rose
9721 BLK
Flyhawk 7526 BLK
Rosena 8677 CHNT
Princess Bethany
0100833 BLK
Shine Time
75773 BRWN
Shine On 14374 BLK
Woodland Mist 019470 BAY
Browden Kate 077876
Johnny Dollar 15097 BLK
Robbins Dawn Flight 016801 CHNT
JMF Benevolence
149600 BLK
Equinox Eclipse
105477 BLK
Equinox Benn 26988
Bennfield's Ace 15971 CHNT
Waseeka's Charm 016578 BAY
Equinox Etude
029853 BAY
Courage of Equinox 23622 CHNT
Waseeka's Theme Song 010474 BAY
Memory Black Rose
084619 BLK
Windhover Regency
31036 BLK
Beamington 16635 BAT
The Black Rose 09721 BLK
Memory Melinda
021231 CHNT
Mehlwood Nathan 18280 CHNT
Char-El-Gay Lark 016299 CHNT

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