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Funquest Cafellero

Funquest Cafellero
Brown 15 Hands
Faint star, right hind half pastern white, left hind fetlock white
Foaled – April 19, 1977
AMHA #65935

This well bred stud was a late addition to our herd. Harvey went to Stuart Hazard’s to buy him, but was too late, as he had already sold. Harvey kept track of him, and finally got him here at the Grunden Ranch at the age of 17. He had a super quiet disposition and was an asset to our program where he sired many fine foals. Two of these, are our children’s show geldings. With advancing of age and arthritis setting in, we let him go to another farm so we did not have to watch him fade.

Funquest King Ofancy
16286 CHNT BT
Funquest Benmore
13667 CHNT
Upwey King Ben
8246 BAY
Upwey King Peavine X-8074
Audrey 4670
9418 CHNT
R P Linsley 10589
Elain Bar 6605
Funquest Dolly Star
014862 BAY
Go Hawk 7457 BLK
Florette 4233 CHNT
Allan's Fancy L
7224 CHNT
Techachapi Allan 7910
Maggy Linsley 4802
Flyhawk's Fancy
Funquest Falcon
12358 CHNT BT
The Brown Falcon
11180 BRWN BT
Flyhawk 7526 BLK
Allan's Fancy L 7224 CHNT
Dot's Bell Ann
9093 CHNT
Leon Silver 10017
Dot S Dolly 7576
Star of Cornwall
010225 BAY
Flyhawk's Black Star
10988 BLK
Flyhawk 7526 BLK
Allan's Star 7560
Cornwallis Pat
9019 CHNT
Colonel's Boy 8185
Lady Patch 5601

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