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Flower Of LIzzy

Flower Of LIzzy
Small star
Foaled June 9, 2008
AMHA #0178774


Flower Of Lizzy is out of the last foal crop sired by the well-known Caduceus Denver. This leggy, black mare, with a small star, is chock full of Caduceus-bred ancestry. The Caduceus prefix was the late Dr. Lowell Hughes mark on the Morgan world. The Caduceus lineage concentrated on the Flyhawk influence. Lizzy definitely possess the Flyhawk trot and is quite an asset to our breeding program.

Caduceus Denver
90415 BLK
Wyoming Flyhawk
24518 BLK
Domino Joe
16417 BLK
Stetson 9039 CHNT
Midnight 6401 BLK
Lily Black
9320 BLK
Warhawk 8605 BLK
Geegee 07368 BAY
Topside Sable
20252 BRWN
Kings-Haven Senator
12693 BAY BT
Senator Grahm 8361 CHNT
Choquita 08552 BAY
Topside Sassafras
12754 CHNT
Mickey Finn 10387 CHNT
Mon Heir Hope 10387 CHNT
Bar Nothing Blossom
0166851 BAY
Bar Nothing Duces Honey
156433 SMBL
Caduceus Orpheus
133121 BLK
Black-Ayr's Dawsen 96244 BLK
Caduceus Hera 0108678 BLK
Coal Creek Honeybarb
0116292 BUCK
Caduceus Casanova 71702 BLK
Honey Spice 028888 Palo
Caduceus Ques
Patchett Hill
26022 BAY
Easter Vermont 9804 CHNT
Starlette B 017193 BAY
Coal Creek Dawn
0126858 BLK
Kahlua's Brown Brick 96136 BRWN
Coal Creekstar Light 0106618

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