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Bar Nothing Rachael

Bar Nothing Rachael
Black, 15.1 hands
Star, snip left hind pastern
Foaled July 11, 2000
AMHA #0155291


Bred to TB Midnight Summers Dream, Rachael is a lovely black mare that we have recently purchased. She has some of the same bloodlines as our herd, but come to us from a different angle. There is a little Funquest, Wyoming Flyhawk, and quite a bit of Caduceus that grace her pedigree. She has produced some very fancy foals through the years.

Caduceus Orpheus
133121 BLK
Black-Ayr's Dawsen
96244 BLK
Black Ayr's Jansen
72992 BLK
Deb Ayr's Sheik 24025 BLK
Tanganyika 013352 BLK
Deb-Ayr's Dawn
30506 BLK
Topside Tough Stuff 19540 BLK
Black-Ayr's Duchess 019932 BLK
Caduceus Hera
0108678 BLK
Wyoming Flyhawk
24795 BLK
Domino Joe 16417 BLK
Lily Black 09320 BLK
Caduceus Allegra
076016 BAY
Shine On 14374 BLK
Rachel Knox 27740 CHNT
Coal Creek Angel
0106619 BLK
Justin Knox
Merry Knox
11334 CHNT
Meade 8628 CHNT
April Showers 06589 CHNT
Funquest Star Dot
020028 BRWN
Flyhawk's Black Star 10988 BLK
Dot S Fanny 09092 BRWN
Coal Creek Honey Bar
085864 BRWN
Lindon Gates
65429 BLK
UVM Gates 12603 CHNT
Saxon Lyric 024919 BLK
Coal Creek Bitohoney
069472 BRWN
Ebony Baron 18581 BLK
Honey Spice 028888 PALO

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