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RG Black Sentola

RG Black Sentola
Homozygous Black
No white markings
Foaled - May 19, 1988
Deceased: April 30, 2013

This good, old, black brood mare owed us nothing. She has produced many fine foals over the years, and some of her foals have gone to repeat buyers. Her foals have sold throughout the Midwest from Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, to Utah. A consistent producing mare. Her grandsires are Rimlo Black Prince and Wyoming Flyhawk, which traces back to Flyhawk many times. There is a strong influence of black in her pedigree.

Teton Shadow Hawk
Wyoming Flyhawk
24795 BLK
Domino Joe
16417 BLK
Stetson 9039 BLK
Midnite 06401
Lily Black
9320 BLK
Warkhawk 8605
Geegee X-07368
Maple Hill Ishtar
Johnny Dollar
15097 BLK
Shadow Hawk 9632 BLK
Bright Star 06504 CHNT
Junita Jubilee
Danny De Jarnette 9110
Junnette 05990
RG Lorelei Lee
Rimlo Black Prince
70440 BLK
Rimlo Black Dandy
25366 BLK
Black Jig X-9472 BLK
Rimlo Miss Dandy 019540 BAY
Lom Sally
23261 BLK
Orcland Bo-Don 15335 BLK
Cute 08903 BLK
RG Classy Bellhawk
22529 CHNT
Classy's Pride
Classy Boy 12465
Chuckanut Hacienda 07476
Briny Bell
11226 CHNT
Stetson 9039 CHNT
Lula Belle 06400

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