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GRM Mr Macho

GRM Mr Macho
"Mr. Macho"
No white
Foaled April 16, 2007
AMHA #175283


Mr. Macho - His name pretty much says it all. This brown stallion with no white, has a lot of PRESENCE. He demands attention. He is the first foal sired by our junior stallion, GRM In The Black, who is homozygous black, and our 20 year old foundation broodmare, RG Orcutt Ambrosia. He should mature 15.3 hands and is very solid. He was imprinted at birth, haltered immediately, handled daily, leads, bathed, trailered, and current on shots. Definitely STUD MATERIAL.

GRM In The Black
165192 BLK
RG Rimlo Prince Valiant
154606 BLK
Black Val's Jim
120495 BLK
Rimlo Black Valiant 23109 BLK
Happy Day Kizzy 101966 BLK
RG Orcutt Ambrosia
110024 BRWN
Rimlo Black Prince 70440 BLK
Orcutt Lass 24421 BAY
Tretton Lady Midnight D
120217 BLK
Caduceus Denver
90415 BLK
Wyoming Flyhawk 24795 BLK
Topside Sable 20252 BRWN
Lacetbm Midnight
71145 BLK
Rimlo Black Valiant 23109 BLK
Silky 16711 BLK
RG Orcutt Ambrosia
0110024 BRWN DNA SBT
Rimlo Black Prince
Rimlo Black Dandy
25366 BLK BT
Black Jig 9472 BLK
Rimlo Miss Dandy 19540 BAY
Lom Sally
23261 BLK
Orcland Bo-Don 15335 BLK BT
Cute 8903 BLK BT
Orcutt Lass
024421 BAY SET
Orcland Society Man
16485 CHNT BT
Ulendon 7831 BRWN
Clementina 8049 CHNT
Funquest Leeza
13137 BAY
The Brown Falcon 11180 BRWN BT
Liza Lee 8627 CHNT

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