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GRM I Love A Raine Knight

GRM I Love A Raine Knight
Foaled May 12, 2013
AMHA # Pending


Throughout the years we have produced a favorite set of crosses that we do not change as it produces ultimate foals. This is one of those crosses. This wide chested, strong hipped and attention demanding chestnut stud colt has all the qualities to be a stallion in someone’s breeding program. His feet never touch the ground as he runs around here and plays. He has “Sport or Carriage Horse Deluxe” written all over him. With Monarch as his sire, Knight possesses the ground covering trot that Monarch is known for and passes on to his offspring. Knight has a touch chrome that sets him apart from everyone else. It is our estimate that the mature height will be in the 15.2-15.3 hand range. This guy was imprinted at birth, haltered at one day of age, bathed, and is current on all shots and worming.

RG Stuart's Monarch
146371 BAY
Funquest Monarch
26785 BAY
Funquest Talstar
18212 BAY
Funquest Falcon 12358 CHNT
Star of Cornwall 10225 BAY
Flyhawk's Fancy
8703 BAY
Flyhawk 7526 BLK
Allan's Fancy L 7224 CHNT
Tretton Lady Midnight D
120217 BLK
Caduceus Denver
90415 BLK
Wyoming Flyhawk 24795 BLK
Topside Sable 20252 BRWN
Lacetbm Midnight
71145 BLK
Rimlo Black Valiant 23109 BLK
Silky 16711 BLK
Lazy Heart D Bayou Raine
0161919 BAY
Akee Brakee Heart
139609 CHNT
Funquest Thunderbird
25116 CHNT
Funquest Barbacon 14809 CHNT
Funquest Lady Bird 013993 CHNT
Benchmark Sparkle
023836 CHNT
Fire Cloud 15076 BAY BT
Gipsy's Majorette 012758 CHNT
Funquest Bayou Bird
0114463 Bay QBT
Funquest Talstar
18212 BAY
Funquest Falcon 12358 CHNT
Star of Cornwall 010225 BAY
Funquest Delta Bird
085490 BAY
The Brown Falcon 11180 BRWN
Funquest Alfa Star 011940 BLK

GRM I Love A Raine Knight

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