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GRM Gene's Blaze Of Glory

GRM Gene's Blaze Of Glory
Blaze, left hind extending up near hock, white hind ankle, right front pastern
AMHA #0183328


Boy, did Harlan really shift gears here. This jet black filly is a chrome deluxe package. She has a large blaze and high white on her hind left leg with black hooves. On her damís side you will find the common sense foundation type Morgan. Her sire, TB Midnight Summer Dream, is overflowing with the well known show bloodlines such as: Stonecroft Masquerade, Cedar Creekharlequin, Futurity French Command, and Tedwin Topic. Glory wlll differently make a splash as a show horse or a well bred brood mare.

TB Midnite Summers Dream
167781 BLK
Stonecoft Byzantine
139224 BAY
Stonecroft Masquerade
122701 CHNT
Cedar Creekharlequin 93442 BAY
Carillon Command 095339 CHNT
Century Enjolie
0121575 BAY
Tedwin Topic 20798 BAY
Appleton Baroness 071312 BAY
THB Heavens Frenchstarlet
0148890 BAY
Futurity French Command
115770 Bay
Carlyle Command 80432 BAY
Nobelle 080997 BAY
Brentwood Alica
075920 BRWN
Waseeka's Skylark 15061 BRWN
Overlook Jessica 025426 CHNT
Bar Nothing Rachael
0155291 BLK
Caduceus Orpheus
133121 BLK
Black-Ayr's Dawsen
96244 BLK
Black Ayr's Jansen 72992 BLK
Deb-Ayr's Dawn 030506 BLK
Caduceus Hera
0108678 BLK
Wyoming Flyhawk 24795 BLK
Caduceus Allegra 076016 BAY
Coal Creek Angel
0106619 BLK
Justin Knox
28431 BAY
Merry Knox 11334 CHNT
Funquest Star Dot 020028 BRWN
Coal Creek Honey Bar
085864 BRWN
Lindon Gates 65429 BLK
Coal Creek Bitohoney 069472 BRWN

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