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GRM Funquest Serenity

GRM Funquest Serenity
Foaled - May 21, 2010
AMHA - 0182244

This mare is one hundred percent pure Funquest. Her sire is Funquest Seahawk, who is a son of Funquest Talstar, and her dam is a daughter of Funquest Sharpwing. Her powerful pedigree has 9 crosses to Flyhawk. Serenity also inherited the Funquest dished head, gentle kind bulging eye, disposition and trotability. She is a definite asset to our herd here at Grunden Ranch Morgans.

Funquest Seahawk
101954 CHNT
Funquest Talstar
18212 BAY
Funquest Falcon
12358 CHNT
The Brown Falcon 11180 BRWN
Dot S Bell Ann 09093 CHNT
Star of Cornwall
010225 BAY
Flyhawk's Black Star 10988 BLK
Cornwallis Pat 05601 CHNT
Funquest Daisy Ann
024246 CHNT

Funquest Falcon
12358 CHNT

The Brown Falcon 11180 BRWN
Dot S Bell Ann 09093 CHNT
The Daisy Chain
011456 CHNT
Lucky Stone 12205 CHNT
Jubilee Joy 04555 CHNT
Greenback Lil Miss Marker
0120279 BAY
Funquest Sharpwing
109286 BAY
Funquest King Ofancy
16286 CHNT
Funquest Benmore 13667 CHNT
Flyhawk's Fancy 8703 BAY
Funquest Swallow
087266 BRWN
Funquest Prophet 16499 BAY
Funquest Anny 012488 CHNT
Funquest Modeless
016766 BAY
The Brown Falcon
11180 BRWN
Flyhawk 7526 BLK
Allan's Fancy L 07224 CHNT
09456 BAY
Flyhawk 7526 BLK
Elberty Linsley 04811 CHNT

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