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GRM Funquest King O Fancy

GRM Funquest King O Fancy
"King O Fancy"
Pure Funquest Stallion
Dark Bay Homozygous for black
Both left feet and ankles white
Foaled April 30, 2011
AMHA # - 183885

Stud Fee $500.00 LFG
Cool & Frozen Semen Available

This is the last naturally sired foal crop of Funquest Antigo. Antigo defiantly left his stamp on this guy. King O Fancy undoubtedly has the Funquest looks that were a great asset to the Morgan breed and is a real influence in the Morgans of today. Great conformation, Great movement, Great disposition.

Funquest Antigo
113323 BAY
Funquest Talstar
Funquest Falcon
The Brown Falcon 11180
Dot S Bell Ann 09093
Star of Cornwall
Flyhawk's Black Star 10988
Cornwallis Pat 09019
Funquest Dolly Oh
Funquest King of Fancy
Funquest Benmore 13667
Flyhawk's Fancy 02703
Funquest Fancy Doll
Funquest King Ofancy 16286
Funquest Linbarby 013994
Fortunes Abbey Road
0169050 BLK
Funquest Roadmaster
95383 BAY
Funquest Speedy
19357 BAY
Chief Red Hawk 11365 BAY
Funquest Flaconess 013263 BAY
Funquest Rapsody
022414 BRWN
Funquest Falcon 12358 CHNT
Star of Cornwall 010225 BAY
Fortunes Cassandra
0140254 BRWN
Funquest Antigo
113323 BAY
Funquest Talstar 18212 BAY
Funquest Dolly Oh 085491 BAY
Funquest Pazazz
022446 BRWN
Funquest Prophet 16499 BAY
Black Patch 09925 BLK

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