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Funquest Antigo

Funquest Antigo
Bay, 15.1 Hands
Left hind sock with distal spots. Right hind sock with distal spots
Date of Birth - April 11, 1988
AMHA # - 113323
Deceased July 30, 2010

Funquest Antigo fulfills another phase of our continuation of the Funquest breeding program perseveration. We are truly grateful to Jerry and Peggy Hatfield for allowing us to acquire this wonder stallion. He stands 15.1 hands, is a very deep dark bay with the typical Funquest head, neck, and shoulder. Couple this with the Flyhawk trot and everything you ever wanted to breed for is in one package. He is the son of Funquest Talstar, and has other legends such as Funquest Falcon, Flyhawk's Black Star, Funquest King Ofancy (2x), The Brown Falcon(2x), and Flyhawk (5x).

Funquest Talstar
Funquest Falcon
The Brown Falcon 11180 Flyhawk 7526
Allan's Fancy L 07224
Dot S Bell Ann 09093 Leon Silver 10017
Dot S Dolly 07576
Star of Cornwall
Flyhawk's Black Star 10988 Flyhawk 7526
Allan's Star 07560
Cornwallis Pat 09019 Colonel's Boy 8185
Lady Patch 05601
Funquest Dolly Oh 085491 Funquest King Ofancy
Funquest Benmore 13667 Upwey King Benn 8246
Linela 09418
Flyhawk's Fancy 02703 Flyhawk 7526
Allan's Fancy L 07224
Funquest Fancy Doll 019225 Funquest King Ofancy 16286 Funquest Benmore 13667
Flyhawk's Fancy 02703
Funquest Linbarby 013994 The Brown Falcon 11180
Linbar 05795

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