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Bar Nothing Dante

Bar Nothing Dante
Left hind partial pastern white, right hind pastern white
Foaled April 16, 2006
AMHA #171364


This black gelding is very pretty; with a bold here I am presence. He has a kind gentle eye and disposition. Dante has a very good pedigree behind him with Caduceus lines (Dr. Lowell Hughes), and traces back to Flyhawk several times.

Bar Nothign Effete
160111 BLK
Caduceus Orpheus
133121 BLK
Black-Ayr's Dawsen
96244 BLK
Black Ayr's Jansen 72992 BLK
Deb-Ayr's Dawn 03506 BLK
Caduceus Hera
0108678 BLK
Wyoming Flyhawk 24795 BLK
Caduceus Allegra 076016 BAY
Coal Creek Precious
0144888 BROWN
Patchett Hill
26022 BAY
Easter Vermont 9804 CHNT
Starlette B 017193 BAY
Coal Creek April
100996 CHNT
Caduceus Caligula 86349 CHNT
Coal Creek Patty Ann 081682 CHNT
Briquettes Image
0142326 BRWN
Patchett Hill
26022 BAY
Easter Vermont
9804 CHNT
Red Vermont 7893 CHNT
Nona 06452 CHNT
Starlette B
017193 BAY
Easter Vermont 9804 CHNT
Blossom F 06011 BROWN
Coal Creek Briquette
0114043 BLK
Kahlua's Brown Brick
96136 BRWN
Kahlue 15362 CHNT
Coal Creek Tabatha 073322 Buck
Coal Creek Onyx
085858 BLK
Lindon Gates 65429 BLK
Triple S Ebonella 067443 BLK

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